Web Shop Reseller Lite Reseller Pro
Reseller Pro – unlike other basic quotation and e-store packages, is a complete solution. A custom developed online storefront, CRM , helpdesk, document management system and quote builder are just some of the modules provided.

Benefits (Reseller Lite +)

  • Attract new customers
  • Encourage existing customers to purchase more units
  • Encourage existing customers to purchase higher value unit
  • Reduce the extent of turnover – or churn – resulting from existing customers who defect to competing organisations
  • Regain lost customers
  • Terminate unprofitable stagnant or otherwise unsatisfactory relationships

The process of streamlining business procedures so that documents can be moved easily and efficiently is called workflow management. The eMark WFMS automates many processes such as routing documents to different locations, securing approvals, scheduling and generating reports.

Two or more people can work on the same document simultaneously, allowing for improved completion time. Work not need be delayed because a file is out or a document is in transit.

  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Create a richer more responsive information environment
  • Post product catalogues, employee handbooks, telephone directories and proposal documents which can all be revised immediately as changes occur
  • Event driven publishing allows you to respond more effectively to rapidly changing conditions than paper based publishing which require ridged production scheduling
  • Eliminate paper costs such as printing and distribution
  • Sales staff can dial in for updates on pricing, promotions, rebates or to obtain information about competitors

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