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The IT supply chain has traditionally made it very difficult for Resellers to have an online store, as product and price information changes so frequently. It has previously been tough for you to have updated information in your inventory and accounting systems, let alone the ability to display them online. The eMark Webshop solves this problem as your site, vendor's catalogue and product database are all linked in real time.

Your online store shouldn't be a generic shopping cart system. Customers ask themselves key questions when choosing a site to buy from: How easy it is to browse your product offering? How consistent, efficient, productive, organised, easy to use and straightforward is it to accomplish tasks? These are the factors which contribute to buyer conversion rate and will help differentiate you from rival offerings.

The eMark webshop can be added to your existing website, or replace your current web presence. Your webshop won't be a generic layout with your logo slapped in the corner. Our talented web designers will work with you to develop a design which meets the needs of your brand and your market.


Without a Webshop your market reach is only as far as you're willing to send your salespeople. The power of the internet shrinks geographic boundaries. This can assist your business in reaching customers who have traditionally been to far away to serve.

Your prospects are busier and have less time than at any other time through history. Provide around-the-clock, national access for your customers to your product catalogue. Clients can place orders at their convenience, get immediate answers to questions about the status of orders and instantly check on inventory availability and pricing.

The power of the internet has shifted the power paradigm away from manufactures and retailers towards customers. Customers can now canvass competitor's at the click of a button or a search engine keyword. The eMark eCommerce solution allows you to create preferred pricing levels for your best customers, giving them a consistent shopping experience.

Provide your customers suggested products based on previous purchase patterns. Offer Government Education and high volume clients special bid pricing structures.

One of the most difficult areas of running a business is debt collection from customers who demand credit. It's essential to employ a system that enables easy communication between you and your customers.

Our Electronic Account Statement Information module empowers you to do exactly this, as statement and account information can be provided online and sent via email. By being proactive and providing this information upfront, transfers the responsibility back on the customer to help ensure they’re up to date.

Government, Education and large Corporate generally have specialised pricing structures under contract arrangements. You need to transfer these online. The traditional method is to contact an Account Manager via e-mail, phone or fax and request an updated price from the contract. Our contracts module allows you to update this information in the system... allowing your customers to process orders and update quotes without the normal time wasting exercise.


One of the differences between an eMark website and most others, is that once the site is created you can log-in and change content, product, pricing, news, data and images for yourself - without paying fees.

eMark's website Content Management System includes:
  • Ability to add/edit/delete news items from your website
  • Ability to change front page text on your website
  • Ability to add/edit/delete pages yourself while retaining the design that you want
  • Ability to create links between pages to organise your pages into a hierarchy
  • Search engine friendly page design and tools for entering title tags and meta tags to give your website the best chance of attracting new customers from search engines

WebShop shopping carts are integrated with all major banks, gateways and third party processors including PayPal.


  • Google Sitemaps Integration
  • Google Sitemaps Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Events Calender
  • Events countdown clock
  • Shopbot and Getprice syndication


  • Create customer orders and invoices
  • Creation of Supplier orders
  • Daily order reporting inclusive of Gross Profit by rep, by client, by portal
  • Daily back order report information
  • Daily partial order shipment reporting
  • Drop Shipment report
  • Create orders to be approved by authorisation module
  • Manage Back Orders


  • Per Customer pricing breaks
  • Contract Pricelists


  • Freight Structures allows you to specify who is charged on freight and on which products.
  • The Freight section contains rules which determine how much freight is charged on items from their respective suppliers.

Management of Fee structures which are used to add fees to orders based on payment method, product, customer or any combination of those criteria.

Access Structures are a tool used in the eMark system to control who is able to access which products. They use a set of flexible rules that allow groups of products to be displayed certain people matching a set of specific conditions.

Credit Card, Bpay, Corporate Account, COD, Direct Deposit, Pay Later and Salary Sacrifice.

This module is one of the most powerful for the management of sales staff. This engine offers over 300 reports with more available as required. Some common reports are as follows:

  1. Total Sales definable by date, customer, sales rep, vendor and more
  2. Total quotes by sales rep, client(edu, govt and corp)
  3. How many times a client has logged onto the website, what products they've viewed or requested quotes on
  4. Total Gross Profit by group, date, customer, sales rep, vendor etc
  5. Distributor price comparison by vendor, category, product etc

Webshop allows you to upload images, documents and links against specific products yourself without needing technical skills.
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